Institutional and social structure:
In addition to our corporate values and ethics, the strengthening of the deontological and social profile (inward and outward) and the construction of an all-round corporate image ensure to the company a fertile ground where our future can be build up.

Human Resources:
The whole staff can fit in a conducive context for their best personal expression, for their full adherence to the business plan and for their unreserved fidelity to the Company

The Corporate Communication, the joint-ventures, the agency network, the company, the society and the after-sale service are all tools of a wide interpersonal relationship range which, well supported by the ethical handling of the corporate image and by the correct identification of the relationship locations, will lead the company to strengthen its position on the market and to retain historical customers as well as the newly acquired ones.

Business Intelligence:
This tool, in accordance with a lean business model, can optimize in advance both the financial dynamics as well as the ones related to more specific technical issues, in order to group all the processes which constitute a stronger decision making.

Business Process:
The institution of a line of process which cannot simply monitor, but which can guide the corporate flows (cash flow, information flow, organization and management flow) is the natural accomplishment of a corporate setting inspired by the “lean thinking” in perfect balance with a suitable process of capitalization.